Hello!  We are Rachael Brower and Jennifer Dillabaugh.  As owners and friends we run Rock Creek Soaps, and as a family business we are self funded and women led since our beginning in 2015. Our goal to provide employment opportunities to women looking for a fresh start, and we'd like to share a little bit more about that with you.
We want to make an impact on women who need and are ready for a fresh start. We have partnered with a local non-profit rescue home HER CAMPAIGN for trafficked and abuse survivors. We provide work retraining, volunteer hours, and a resume reference for someone who is still knee deep in their healing journey. 
We have several soaps that we make for HER CAMPAIGN that they sell and we're currently exploring offering those soaps as a wholesale option for other stores to buy and the profits would go back to HER CAMPAIGN.  If that is something that interests you please message us and we will open that door. 

What our primary role when working with HER CAMPAIGN is as a direct volunteer, currently we have 1-2 girls that are in their program that come into our facility and work with us directly. One girl has been working with us for several months now and is getting ready to graduate the program. Her hands are pictured below stamping the Her Campaign Soaps. We volunteer our time to get to know these girls, treat them with love and respect and teach them how to reintegrate into the work force. It gives them a new job on their resume, a positive work environment, learn how to create good relationships and break cycles of addiction and hopelessness in their lives.
Giving people purpose is an important part of healing!
We wanted to do more than just give 1-5% of our proceeds, so we give our time, emotions and energy to help. We give them positive job skills, and they directly work with us on all our products, in fact if you buy any of our soaps or bath products, they may have helped with the packaging, the inventory counts, or assisted in the making or the clean up.
We'd love to have a conversation with you about how you can support HER CAMPAIGN directly or how you can help us continue in this work by purchasing our products.